Perfect Closings, Anywhere for Any Loan Transaction

Lender and investor scrutiny, rigid regulatory and compliance requirements, and the pressure to streamline the mortgage process make obtaining a loan arduous and frustrating for borrowers. The closing table provides the ultimate opportunity to alleviate residual tension and leave a positive lasting impression that will make that borrower a customer for life.  That’s where we come in, providing a flexible, fully seamless and transparent model for any closing transaction.

Our full suite of title and closing services are designed specifically to maintain both your reputation and customer loyalty.

We provide a complete line of Title, Closing and Escrow solutions to streamline the close and sale of your loan. Our hands-on, client-dedicated teams use advanced technology to assure timely service, consistent open communication to all parties, and compliance with lender and regulatory requirements.

We specialize in closings for all mortgage loan types

We identify solutions and operational efficiencies in the closing process to create a seamless experience for all parties involved. Our dedicated closing specialists are experienced on all loan types, so transactions are handled proficiently, accurately and quickly. Starting with the first order, processes and communications will be customized around your requirements and our in-house team will be trained on your individual needs. We train our closing specialists on the intricate details and regulatory and compliance requirements for all loan types, so transactions are handled proficiently.

It’s simple, we become familiar with your process, signing requirements, communication protocols, and codes of conduct and deliver and experience based on what your company expects.

The four tenets to our formula for success include Innovation, Service Excellence, Quality Control and Efficiency. Our services and solutions are designed around those principles making a traditionally arduous closing process into a seamless one.

Here are just some of the benefits of our solutions:

  • Proactive title clearance, including securing mortgage/lien payoffs, tax certificates and additional title clearance as required
  • Preparation, collaboration and approval of Closing Disclosure Form and ALTA Settlement Statement
  • Scheduling/Coordination of Closing Appointment with the Borrower and Signing Agent
  • National Network of Certified Closing Agents and Attorneys to conduct the loan closing, verify signing of loan documents, notarize required documents and confirm of return of loan documents to Inspire after closing
  • Pre-Closing Audit of closing document package prior to delivery to Signing Agent or Attorney
  • Timely and thorough Post Closing Audit of Closing Package to verify accuracy of executed loan documents
  • Disbursement of mortgage/lien payoffs, unsecured payoffs and/or borrower proceeds
  • Verification of Mortgage Recordation
  • Overnight courier of executed closing package as well as all secured disbursements and borrower proceeds checks